New Depths Diving

Our Mission

At New Depths Diving we take a unique approach to training that is far from the norm - we deliver customized training to meet YOUR needs. We offer personalized SCUBA diving instruction that is designed to maximize your learning whilst having the most fun possible. Our programs are not about volume or getting you in and out of the door as fast as possible, we focus on quality and the needs of the individual student. Our goal is to make you the best diver you can possibly be!

New for 2017

Padi Specialty Courses

Sign up for any of the following Padi Specialty Courses to be offered in 2017. Class sizes are limited!

  • January Sidemount Diver
  • February Ice Diver
  • March Rebreather (Hollis)
  • April Cavern Diver
  • May Courses and Diving in Cuba
  • June Freediving

More details here, or call/email for information now!